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This topic to for everyone to find new friends.

Just post your GT below to find a new friend to play with.
Also good to post what games you play frequently to get people to play with on that game.

My GT is JPB0. I don't really play online, but feel free to drop a request.
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Come play black ops 3 with me?
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hit me up in the cup guys


usually play fortnite
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My GT is It's Kylo Crux.

I mainly play single player games but like to talk. I also play COD: WW2 and Battlefront 2!
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mine is LokesThing feel free to add me
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Ratooka Monster Hunter World Grind
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Add me. I'm down to play GTA V or Madden 18

GT:Reveals Shep
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Mainly Gta.

GT: Nightshot2012
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My GT is Kad, I love to play CoD, GTA, Rocket league, forza and battlefield
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My GT - BP3

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