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At What's Cookin' we are playing around with ideas and we need feedback. If you could please take time out of your day to give us some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Also hit the subscribe button, its free!!!
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Not bad dude. Not a big fan of these games but it wasn't bad.
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i think you have lots to approve on before i will sub but don't take that bad keep going at it don't stop making vids
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You obviously just started out mate, so ive gave you a sub to help you out, just keep posting videos daily or even weekly and your channel will start to grow. I do love your channel name and your banner gfx.

If you wouldn't mind subscribing to my channel also would mean alot to me mate.
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First of all you could update your YouTube banner, as for your three videos, they aren't bad, you're clear and get straight in to the subject matter rather then talking about it in a roundabout manner to increase the duration of the video.
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