WWIIPrestige 12 70+ Kills & V2 Rocket Gameplay (Cherkboard Rank)Posted:

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Check out my video on youtube of me on my checkerboard prestige account going off ! V2 Rocket plus 70+ kills , Vicious Medal If you want to play with me my PSN is TyClutchhh. Add me or message me if you want to play.

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That is some crazy gameplay dude. Some of the best I've seen.
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Wait how do u even have that rank?
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That gun seriously needs a nerf. Especially that rare variant makes it more op. Is your level glitchesd or something?
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nice video. i got my first v2 yesterday :p 77 - 3 on domination sadly cant record atm as my elgato died but oh well
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nice gameplay bro
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Good job on the V2 Rocket, I think on the final kill to getting it you got a little worried seeing as the enemy landed a two bullets on you. I would agree that the Volkssturmgewehr is overpowered, I was sure to quickly get it to diamond and max its weapon level before it get nerfed.

Too bad about having the checkerboard prestige icon, you've probably had a sizable amount of people report every time you have a decent game.
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