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I would appreciate your honest review. I took a long time editing this video. Thank you very much.

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2018 (02-04-2018)
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It wasn't bad dude. Think there was a little pointless stuff in there. It was funny tho.
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[color=It was pretty entertaining if I do say so myself, bro! I love the minigun, too. It is so fun to just shred everything in your path. red][/color]

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I liked it man. Keep it up. 7/10
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Thanks for your honest feedback guys!
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not bad you gotta work on the audio levels a bit some parts were loud

id give it like 6/10
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Not a bad video by any means, was pretty random editing lol, but overall i enjoyed it, id rate this clip a 7/10. I gave you a thumbs up as i already got you subscribed, so if you would like to check out my youtube channel and check out my videos and if you like what you see why not subscribe to me, it would mean a great deal to me if you did.

Looking forward to see more from you soon bro.
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Good video, I liked the intro with the Arnold Schwarzenegger edits; it made me laugh. Good job on getting the win.
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