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Heu guys check out the govs empire youtube channel we are a new clan with amazing gaming content so please check out and subscribe

link to YT
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  • E3 2017
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Sure dude I dropped a sub.
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You have some awesome videos on your channel man, i love this video alot GOVS Dezz & Govs x DeFuSiioNzZ x BF4 Daultage, so i would love to see more videos like this one if you can. Ive got you subbed man, if you want you can return the favour and sub me back
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  • Christmas!
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i subbed i liked the vid keep up the work
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I went ahead and took a look at your channel. You have a nice YouTube banner and your content is good. I went ahead and watched some more of your Battlefield 4 videos as they are really well edited.
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