XboxThoughts on a few customs I just made?Posted:

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Just finished up a few customs for a couple of my friends, what do you guys think?

Jasper Retail

Falcon RGH1

Jasper RGH 1.2

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Dude the two Jaspers are sexy af.
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They're sweet, I like the first one the most for the colours. They're all cool though, good work
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Mate these are wicked!! Really good work man some of the best I've seen, up there with the pros ;)
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Nice work nice to see stuff from other members here
keep it up someday you can take my place lol

made this post to show off your work and your consoles

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Yo, these are absolutely phenomenal. I love the way they look. Keep on going with this dude, I see a lot of people wanting to get their hands on stuff like this.

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Nice work buddy. I like the jasper rgh 1.2 the best. I've been thinking about customizing mine like it but do it with rgb led lights.
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omg man i love the Jasper RGH i love the green lights i think you did a good job on all of them
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I like the colors of the Jasper
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I really like the way the leds look on the retail
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