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Bought 20 games.. super legit host about his business doesn't mess around.. also super chill to talk to which is important when u have to spend hours in a party with the person 10/10 would recommend and will be back.. thanks bro
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How many games would you say is a Prestige?

How much XP per game as well
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  • Christmas!
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im trying to buy what is your PayPal?
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Prestiged in 6 games. Bro is the best!!!!!!! Everyone should buy from him. Cheapest prices and is very cool to have a convo with!
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Most legit guy ever if you lag out or anything he'll even take his time to restart it I vouch for him cool guy too. We really out here!
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  • 2 Million
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I've bought from Flew a handful of times and he's 100% legit and he beats competitors prices by a mile.

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True! ^^^
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Pm sent. Looking forward to it
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  • Winter 2016
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Second time buying from flew. I highly recommend him. Way better and cheaper than brownmagician or any other guy.
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