GeneralHow often do y'all change your sheets?Posted:

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Popular question going around again, so how often do you all change your sheets?

Me personally, I have two kids and three dogs, they get changed 2-3 times a week lol.

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Mooneye (02-12-2018)
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About once every two weeks.
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Depending on how many times I make love to myself
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About twice a week
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When i can be bothered or even remember lmao
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I sleep on a couch atm.

We just moved and my bed is in storage.

I wash mine very week tho.
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Depends on how many nights i sleep on the couch but usually its once a week
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About once every 2 weeks
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Every 4-5 months. I sleep on a blanket which is over my sheet.
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Like once every couple of weeks or so
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