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Here is a video I found 3 years ago and the day it was posted gained millions of views in a few hours. What are your thoughts about it?

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Dbz (02-01-2018)
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What a load of bullocks

Im on social media all the time but i dont let that take over my life. Its down to you if you wanna sit in your room always on Facebook, that being said i have meet alot of good friends on Facebook, and even my ex girlfriend i started talking to her randomly on there and we hit it of from there so its hella awesome.

Some people just take it to the extreme.
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I agree with Mikey, it all depends on your mind set and how you decide to use social media.
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i just go on facebook when i have nothing to do half the time it just became a habit to open facebook right when i unlock my phone

interesting video tho
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Some people act like social media is their life and it's pathetic. If the internet crashed I'd be okay with that. I have a life off of social media.
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This video hits hard if you actually pay attention and understand the message. Technology has changed in such a fast, but good way. At the same time it has done everything this guy explained in the video. If you disagree with what this video is saying then you must have been born after the 2000's. You were raised to only know technology. When I was in fourth grade I didn't have an iPhone. I didn't have a razor. I didn't have a blackberry. I had a notepad, tore it out, wrote on it, sent it down the class and looked back at the person to see if they read it. I also did not have Xbox. I had a super Nintendo, but I also had friends that played in the neighborhood all day everyday.

I am sure kids still do some of these things listed above. It is not as common. Technology now is molding the newer generation to respond in such a way that is not healthy in a physical and mental way. Also known as "Millennials". Lol
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I do agree with this video that you shared with us and it kinda hit me hard in the mind set that look what has changed us for the better.

"400 plus friends but yet I'm lonely" - that hit me if you think about it.
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Watched this in health class a few years ago. Really sad how true it is
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I feel as though there were commercials aired on television (UK) that were either clips of this video or were inspired by it. To those commenting thinking this video is singling out social media platforms like Facebook, you are wrong, it is talking about technology in general and how it has rapidly become part of every day life. Nobody goes a day without looking at their social media, their texts, the internet, watching television; nothing.
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