WWIISo will there ever be a ban wave ?Posted:

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Like seriously , I really think they may let everyone slide

It's been almost over a month and no one got banned yet ?
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hard to tell. i doubt theyll do anything
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I've seen dozens get suspended and reset.
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really? lol maybe i need to log in havent logged on in a few days
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A few of my friends have been reset and his Profiles susepended (Xbox at least). I personally haven't had anything happen, but I expect something soon
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That's funny because I have over 100 accounts and not a single one is ban they most likely are going after high leader boards and high stats other then then they won't get everyone
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Doesnt look like it but you never know.
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Hopefully not lol
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Honestly, they should just reset everyone on the leaderboards that exploited.
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Yes, it's bright as day, they've said they will reset all of those who have boosted to #1 and so on... This is yet to happen, their words ( they will clean up leaderboards of boosters on the top pages etc )

- so Yes, there will eventually be one But when? I don't know.
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