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YouTubeTallest and Longest Roller Coaster in the World !Posted:

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This coaster will be ready by the end/mid point of this year, I am so pumped for this one, I can not wait to ride it

200- 1,000[Full Length of Skyscraper] Foot Tall
6 CorkScrews
Up to 850-1,000 guest per hour

This will be one of the CraZiesT ride's I will ever ride, ever.


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I'll pass
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Hell yeah I would ride that. Massive fan of roller coasters and this one seems wickedly fun!
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Deff would be a adrenaline rush
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Full length of a skyscraper? I'm scared of climbing up a ladder.
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Brah that looks insane id be all over that for sure.

Biggest one i have ever done is Stealth at Thrope Park, even that was nuts lol
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That'd be lit. I'd definitely take a ride on that.
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Definitely not, y'all are trippin. I like roller coasters but thats insane.

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Well the height doesn't really matter to me. Whether it's 50 feet or 1,000 feet if I fall I die
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If I got a ride on this I think I would pass out from the insane velocity, but I would still try it.
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