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Any of you guys youtubers? and whats the biggest followers do you have?

It would be good if you could check out my channel and videos and ill check yours out?

Recently started up since like 4 years ago when i came on TTG for mw2 modded lobbies so it would be good if you could check me out.

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Mikey (01-31-2018)
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Yeah man, I looked at your channel. It isn't that bad.

You've gotta do voice over your videos though, no one wants to listen to game sound and have no idea what is going on.

Also I would start working on thumbnails so your video can get some attention.
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Yeah man im a YouTuber, i just subscribed to you if you wanna hit me back.

My channel is MikeysGainz
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Nice Fortnite video, it was amusing to watch. I went ahead and watched your other Fortnite videos, I enjoyed them, be sure to upload more.
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