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Everything you need to Know!

This is a GTA 5 money lobby so please do be patient because a lot of people will want to join and i will be getting a lot of messages, when you join the game be patient and i will spawn you next to me and i will start dropping you money 150k Bags, these lobbies are FREE But if you want to donate 50p or something that would help me stay online so PM me for more information


Money drop
Gamertag: UsableMammal624


About me

It all started back at Borderlands 2 with a Usb, I hosted Borderlands 2 Weapon drops and xp lobbies, then i decided to get a JTAG to host lobbies for call of duty (Coming SOON) and GTA 5, I am not a scammer i would never want to scam anyone because that's just a di*k move i have sold a Gta 5 modded account before and i got rep+ for that and i have a lot of people on my old Borderlands 2 Post saying i'm legit so go check that out

Youtube Channel

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you add me UsableMammam624
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This is xbox360 not pc
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