WWIIThese new DLC guns are so OP!!Posted:

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If you guys haven't tried these DLC guns out (specifically the Volk) I recommend you do before they patch them. What do you all think about it? Should it be nerfed or should t remain one of the best guns in the game?

I also have a YT video covering the guns as well just Incase you're wondering.

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I'm using the Orso on Hardcore Search & Destroy and the gun is definitely OP. I love it, even though its recoil is insane and I sometimes get hitmarkers on hardcore with it.
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The volk is amazing extended mags grip and quick draw and rapid fire it's a machine
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The orso is pretty decent i have only used it a few times though.
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sadly i have none
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The volk is a overpowered machine, I know they will nerf it soon. It's basically the ACR from MW2.
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Just got the new AR in a supply drop.
I haven't been on in so long I didn't even know they came out., but the thing is definitely op. It melts people.
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The Volkssturmgewehr is a brilliant rifle; something on par with the BAR. The Orso is also good, however I am not fond of the rate of fire, it gives me flashbacks of when I was getting the headshots on the Waffe for diamond. As for the 9mm SAP, it is a decent pistol and I like the Rebuff variant.
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