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My GTA 5 will not load now that I have the newest scripthook .

Is anyone else having issues? I could use a mod menu online easily but in singleplayer I couldn't get any of my menus or map editor up.

Now I can't even boot the game what is going on

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Sounds like somewhere along the line you corrupted files. With my limited experience of script hook usage, that happens. If you fixed this, what did you do to fix it for the next guy?
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best thing to do is just to uninstall the reinstall that is your best option man
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Take out all the modded files and see if it boots, if not then reinstall the game as something's broken.

But chances are it's a corrupt file that you've put in somewhere.
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Try repairing your game files or removing the modded files. If it doesn't launch your mod menu might have corrupted your files.
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Fixed it by removing Meyoo, thanks for your help!
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If you have it on steam there should be a repair button when going to uninstall or something like that. Try that and if that doesn't fix it i'd just uninstall and reinstall.
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