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I'm an above average player with a 3.5kd and a 455spm. I currently play on xbox. I am master prestige level 202 (Legit) and want to know if anyone else is getting the problem I am. SBMM has pretty much ruined this game for me. If I try and play solo in any gamemode the lobbies are infested with sweaties. When I say this I don't mean kids who are good at the game, I mean kids who will headglitch everything, crouch walk, sit in corners, and not even touch the objective(As someone who rushes this can be frustrating) . Now this is not just rage this is weeks getting worse and worse the more my spm has raised (My team also is like this). Anyone else having a similar experience with the SBMM?

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Cartier (01-22-2018)
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Same here dude. My stats aren't as impressive as yours are but I face the same problem. SBMM needs to be over with. I can't play on my own now. It isn't even fun anymore. I only play with a team.
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I feel you bro. I'm also a rusher, I can't sit in corners nor camp in buildings. It's boring and it's not even fun to do. But this type of behavior gets on my nerves to where I just end up rage quitting
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this has been a problem for a long time. this isn't anything new.
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This used to be a real problem until Drift0r held that $1,000 challenge to anyone who could prove that SBMM was in fact a part of the game. After the findings were released and an update was pushed soon after, it felt to me that SBMM had been removed from the game, or at least partially as there were still times when it felt like it was still present.
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