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Hello and welcome to my PS3 console shop!

Looking for a jailbroken PS3? Look no further, I have a variety of options for anyone on a budget or looking to ball out and get the best they can get.

My prices are low because I purchase my consoles in bulk getting them at ridiculously low prices allowing me to sell them cheap to you!

Console shipped within 1-4 days , I try my ultimate best to have it in your possession no later then 7 days after purchase.

Great customer service is something I take great pride in. If you are hesitant or have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to keep my customers safe and happy!

All payments accepted!

Hope to talk to you soon



All consoles come on DEX cfw4.81

Phat Jailbroken PS3 115$
Ready to go online

Slim Jailbroken PS3 140$
Ready to go online


USA - 15$
Canada - 45$
International Shipping 75$


Power Cable 5$
HDMI Cable 5$
Controller 10$

Upgrade the Hard Drive size

250GB 15$+
320GB 25$+
500GB 35$+
1000GB 55$+
2000TB 85$+

6 Month Warranty - 25$

How to Purchase

When you are ready to purchase, please send me a Private Message via TTG


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(better proof pics will be up shortly)

Terms of Service

Consoles are used in good condition, and sold as is. There will be no returns, refunds or chargebacks.

By contacting me you agree to the Terms of Service listed above

Click Here to BUY NOW

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Vouch for Streamah, only get the best services with him and fair prices. Do not hesitate to buy from him and he will help you with any information you need.
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Xbox is still better, though I enjoy hopping on the ol' PS3 every once in a while. Maybe we'll see a bit more PS modders join and be active around TTG now that you have a shop. Vouch & GLWS.
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Glad to see a trusted member selling Jailbroken PS3's, this will bring the PS modding up.
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Thank god someone has started a shop on this all I see is 'where do I buy jailbroken PS3's from?'

Do not hesitate to buy from this guy!
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Good luck with sales! Glad to see your are expanding your services
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May be selling my RGH soon to buy one of these puppers. Be on the lookout.
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Goes as Shown Very Legit User.

HMU if you ever need help setting up your Modded PS3 after Buying From Steamah
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ima buy one of these when i get enough funds so close
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Vouch for the streamah from the bandito..

I mean Cory!

P.s. If you need a tester, ill take one off your hands, lol!

GLWS man, good to see you expanding over.
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