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Hey all,
I want to know what is your plan for the weekend?
Like the title says

So my plan is not very special.
For today I will play the hole time Call of Duty WW2.
At Saturday I will go to work, because its "Hardware Day" in our company. There we will restart all physical server, update all clients and so on.

And on Sunday i will relax an go to an restaurant

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Probably be on TTG or drinking. Two of my favorite things.
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Sleep. Wake up. Dab. Eat breakfast. Dab. Play Rocket League. Dab. Eat Lunch. Dab. Play Rocket League. Dab. Eat dinner. Dab. Play Rocket League till really late at night. Dab. Go to bed. Repeat.
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Work from Friday-Saturday, 9-6. That'll pretty much take up all my weekend.
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No kids tonight into Saturday. I'm getting hammered.
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Probably just gonna chill catch up on sleep
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Working the whole weekend lol, I work full weeks.
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Chill weekend for me, Xbox all day everyday probably.

Might get drunk with some friends Saturday night
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Working the whole weekend
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Watching the Eagles vs Viking game because Eagles is my favorite football team.
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