WWIIWant to share my class setup with youPosted:

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And here the Result of using this Setup:

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Also share your class setup and an result.
Would be awesome to see yours!

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Nice. Thanks for the share. Haven't tried the mp40 since its buff
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Not a bad setup although I would change out the rapid fire for the grip, change the basic training to Hustle or Forage and switch the emergency airdrop with the counter recon. My go-to SMG setup would be the following:

    Airborne Division
    Weapon - PPSH - Grip, Extended Magazine
    Secondary - Any (Not fussed) - High Caliber
    Basic Training - Hustle
    Equipment - Grenade
    Scorestreaks - Recon Aircraft, Care Package, Counter Recon

The results aren't bad, the magazine size of the PPSH with extended mag is very helpful.
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