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I just recently became a twitch partner. I am also streaming COD WW2. Come and join the fun!

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Mikey (01-18-2018)
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Can't watch as I'm about to go to bed but congrats on the affiliate.

Keep it up and hopefully I can watch you another time, do enjoy watching people stream ww2. Starting streamers or old. All interesting to see

I see you're on Xbox, I'll give you a follow
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Nice to see you do another stream mate, aint watched you in a while.
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Congrats on partner pal. Not all that hard to do but still a good feelinng.
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Congratulations on becoming a Twitch Affiliate! I took a look at some of your WWII streams, they are good. I will be having a look at your Monster Hunter World streams as well to see what all the hype was about and to decide whether it is worth getting.
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