YouTubeRockstar wanted to create this incredible GTA world mapPosted:

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if they do this or not due to the lead developer getting fired i just dont know

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I would love for GTA to just have an absolutely massive map but it'd be so hard to manage.
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this would be amazing
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That would make billions. I honestly would buy the game myself, but I have a strong doubt that this will most likely never happen. We can only hope.
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KyloCrux wroteI would love for GTA to just have an absolutely massive map but it'd be so hard to manage.

What do you mean by manage. Run the game or just you yourself as a player. This is very fascinating and it is very much possible to dear in the near future. Let's hope that Red Dead 2 has a bigger map than GTA V by a whole lot.
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I would kill for this to be honest. I played GTA 4 for years when it came out.
I played GTA 5 for a month or 2 and got bored of it. They need more!

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Hopefully we see an incredibly large map in the next Grand Theft Auto title, something that rivals Red Dead Redemption 2's as they say that is going to be several times larger than that of GTA V.
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