GeneralDescribe your own outlook on life in six words.Posted:

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We live and then we die.

That's mine. What about you guys?
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Lemonade is Fizzy, America is Dumb.

The words I live by.
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Motto: I'm A Vagabond, A Cowboy From The Desert.
Others quit early. I continue looking
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Motto: We've came to wreck everything, and ruin your life - God sent us
"The UK would destroy the US" - papa sean.
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Motto: "if I had the choice between killing 1000 Octopuses with a knife or letting 1 human die I would not even think twice before sending tentacles flying all over the place." - Eli
Love is a serious mental disease - Plato.

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I should have quit awhile ago.
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420 blaze it to the moon
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The Tech Game is my life
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Don't ever turn soft my guy
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I'll make it or die trying.
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