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What was your first username you chose on TTG and why?

Mine was "Blades4life11" because it was my gamer tag

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I don't remember my very first name but I do remember the previous one to this one I have now which was: SoleTatted
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Vauxious. I have no idea what it meant.
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i did have an account years and years ago but i have forgotten what it even was. On this account my first name was i5Pc because it was also my gamertag and i thought it was kinda cool lol..... long gone now tho
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It was something like xXDazeoMods I was like 12... leave me alone.
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For some reason mine was tekuk and I don't know why I picked that name
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I think mine was TehhCTRL. Please don't ask my why, I really don't know
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Honestly dont even remember, it's been 5 years.
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