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Done this for free for Hero <3

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The banner was a swell job, it has its minor problems but it was overall a well job.

The Avatar on the other hand was ghastly. The Scar or whatever weapon that is used doesn't blend in, its also never good to have an image get cut out like the tip of the rifle. The rifle isnt high quality either, personally I can see fuzz on the outer edge of the rifle meaning you cut it out of an image and used it here, but i can be completely wrong. The text and its shade just dont combine together, it makes the text look yucky and again ruins the image. Personally id scrap the logo and give it another try. But it was a great try.
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do you do it for free?
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Like the banner more than the Logo.
Had something special.
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Wow that banner really stands out dude. Stellar work.
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_Exuke_ wrotedo you do it for free?
uhm.... I dont think you can read properly... Anyway your art looks dope homie!
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damn looks good man keep it up
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I really enjoy both the banner and the avatar. I would just say that the font on the avatar seems to be lower resolution than the background, or else really good work. Banner looks fantastic
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That's not a Logo it's a Avatar
Anyways, I like the Banner for sure. Very good job on that.
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