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Haven't been on here for a while but I'm a few months off 8 years old!

Anyone play fortnite?!

Addicted to it at the moment, on level 51 tier on PS4.

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Welcome back. I don't play much Fortnite, played it when it wasn't cool and now that everyone else is playing it I've kind of just stopped.
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Welcome back to TTG!

If you're a fan of Fortnite then the Gaming Discussion Forum would be your best bet!
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Welcome back, I took a long break but I'm back to. I'm almost at 8 years
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Welcome back to the site.
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Glad to have you back bro
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Welcome back bro, and im gonna be getting Fortnite this Friday hopefully.

Add me on Xbox if you like Tag: ShowTimeMikey
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Welcome back homie!
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Glad to see you come back to the site bro.
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Welcome back. I play Fortnite on XB1 though buddy!
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