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hey everyone my name is Dan and im new here. i have recently got back into modding and have started a modding team with a few friends, our team is called Mindless Modding.

We currently mod on PlayStation and are aiming to expand.

Will be starting threads next week with our services and of coursethere will be plenty of proof posted and there will be giveaways posted!
Here is my psn and social media accounts I am on
Psn: MM-Boony
Twitter: MM_Boony
YouTube: MM Boony
Instagram: mmboony

If you wouldn't mind following/subscribing that would be great as I will also host giveaways on my social media

I previously had a TTG account but starting fresh


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Welcome, make sure to read rules before posting modded lobbies or selling
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Welcome to TTG man! Everyone here is cool except Mikey
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WRDS wroteWelcome to TTG man! Everyone here is cool except Mikey

Took the WRDS right out of my mouth. Haha.

Jk Mikey's a good guy too.

Welcome though!
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Hey Welcome To The Site!
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Welcome to the tech game brother
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Welcome to the site hope to see you around,

Don't forget to read the rules
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Welcome To The Site
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Ayyye welcome cutie :*
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Welcome to the site Dan, ill be sure to check your YouTube out.
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