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Curious to know what 2k16/2k17 wors people still use or say often.

I can only remember like yolo,swag,inb4.

To this day, I use "inb4" A LOT.

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I use broski a lot hahaha
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I use the word "lol" in conversations time to time but not all because it can get annoying.
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I glady left it were it belongs. I'm not a 14-Year old thug
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See you later alligator
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More of a British thing, but I day 'reem' sometimes. But only as a piss take
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maDz started me off on this lmao, i now say it quit abit lol
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Dalm wroteMore of a British thing, but I day 'reem' sometimes. But only as a piss take

Joey Essex here lol...

I still use inb4 also & xD probably always will
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