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I have been a electrician for almost a year now and i have gathered a lot of romex i am just curious if anyone else collects their wire to strip it to get the copper out. My main question is there a convenient way to strip other than taking hours upon hours to get some done?
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Im no electrician but I have stripped wires before. I just used some high quality wire strippers to do all of my stripping. You could get creative and just automate something with a variable speed motor that allows you strip continuous strips. Just feed the romex wire into a wheel that has a blade on the other side of it and set the width between the wheel and the blade such that it strips the wire perfectly every time.

Sounds like a fun DIY project. I only know this because a woman that works at my local Home Depot told me she made one because her grip strength was failing.

Post some pictures on here if you do indeed make one! I just made a humidifier for my college dorm lol
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