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So I currently have a decent pc, Im happy with everything inside it except the cpu because at the time i rushed buying one and wish i spent more on it. I have some rubbish AMD FX-6300.

Also I am not happy with my current case either as it doesn't look the best so any decent recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

As for the budget, I will probably buy them one at a time but i don't want anything super expensive.

Any replies are greatly appreciated!
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We need a budget and currency otherwise I'm recommending a 1950x.

We also need to know if you game and what games you play most? Will you be overclocking, if so what cooler do you have? Anything else that you do with your PC, editing/rendering, music production?

As for cases we need to know what form factor your current mobo is ATX? mATX? Do you have a disc drive that you need to use? How many drives you have and what GPU you have in case it's overly large as some can be? Again cooler would be helpful in case you have a AIO.

Post back with more information then you can expect some recommendations.
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