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How physically prepared do you need to be for the Royal Marine Commando's?
I know the training is somewhat difficult physically but from what i've heard its more of a mental game.

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Not sure about marines but I have a friend in the army. He said the first time he went away with them training was the hardest, getting in the right mental frame mind is one thing but he said the training they put you through makes your body hit so many brick walls, so the more physically fit you are I imagine the easier it will be but yes you will need to be mentally strong to not give up and never say no.
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"You start your training at CTCRM Lympstone, you need to be in the best possible physical condition. Keep up the good work you will have done to prepare for your PJFT"

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There's a UK Marine Commando's training coursebook, you can choose beginner to advanced.

Hopefully that gives you some insight, don't know if I'm allowed to post links.
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PM me mate i've just left the Army, I can give you some insight.
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Physically - Tip top! Commandos is not like joining a regular army regiment or even the para's. Its basically as close as civvy street to SF as possible. The commandos pride themselves on their long distance tabbing ability and endurance, I would be looking to be below 6 minute mile run time and be able to handle anything thrown at you at a moments notice. Try and complete 3 peaks wales and if possible national 3 peaks before signing up. Do these with some weight with you since the 30 mile march around Dartmoor will be shite. You will need to a pretty strong swimmer and have reasonably good upper body strength.

Mentally - Ready for anything, good confidence (not cocky, cockiness is for para's), able to listen to orders from anyone and follow them, not be shy around other blokes (your gonna be naked alot), be open to learning (you will be taught everything as if you were a kid, how to wash your body, iron clothes, brush your teeth and fold bedding) - It can be a big culture shock.

Great career if you excel - SBS to name one of the many reasons to be the best.

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Best of luck if you chose to join up

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Physically and Mentally you need to be prepared. They try and break you in both ways but you need to know how to handle it.
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