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What was your Favorite Vacation Trip? If you can't decide well then what is a place that you are exited/ planning on going?

Mine would have to be Hawaii been to plenty of places and Hawaii is just a relaxing and beautiful place to go especially for cold times like now.

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I haven't left Canada. But I have went to Saskatchewan Beach's and let me say they are beautiful
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Never been on vacation before, though I do plan on taking my fiance and kids to sea world this summer.
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I've went from Minnesota to Florida by car, first time ever leaving the state; other then Wisconsin because I live like 2 minutes away from it.
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Hawaii. Beautiful place to go. Very expensive but very relaxing
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My favourite would have to be the summer just gone (I would say when i went to Florida but was like 13), but i went to Turkey for the second time and it was great, apart from the part when i became single while on holiday that sucked but that pushed me to do more out there and go exploring etc, and it was just great fun.
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I've always wanted to visit Italy so this summer guess where the family's going ?

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Depends really. Maui would probably be the #1 option, just love how lush it is (especially going up to the rainforest). Second would probably be the Bahamas but between the two, they're just different.
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When I was really young I went to New York but don't remember much expect for getting lost for a couple hours from my family and this guy in a food corner market thing calmed me down and waited till my parents came and got me.
But my most favorite trip I can remember is going to Panama City Beach. That place is lit.

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didnt feel like a vacation but took a long car ride from Georgia to California for a week, then drove back from California to Georgia again what a ride
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