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Hello all, I've seen a lot has changed since my time gone. Allow me to reintroduce myself, I'm aBoxOfMints or Mints for short this is my PSN, Discord and Blizzard name. Xbox is Dr Mints. I started here back in 2010 have been a gold member for 40 months or whatever just forgot I was paying for the service hahaha. I plan on hanging around here more often. I've been busy the past couple years which has slowed my social life down a lot. Things are piecing together very well in my life now and I'm happy to be back

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Glad to have you back homie!

See you around the forums
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Welcome bakc mate, hope you stick around this time.
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welcome back
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Welcome back my dude. Stay active
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Well glad to have you back
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Welcome back my dude, I recently came back aswell from being off for close to a year as well!

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Welcome back bro, see you at 8 years soon brother
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I love the stories of returners. Glad to have you back man! Stick around this time, would ya?
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Welcome back old fella
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