FootballIf you could sign any player to any team. NFL EditionPosted:

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OBJ to the Ravens.

This is a edit has I was dumb.

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Lol why Brady? Guy is old and not to mention Wentz is already out performing him.

Gimme OBJ to the Seahawks. RW + OBJ = god.
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Give me OBJ on the Falcons!

OBJ+Julios Jones+Matt Ryan=dream team
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Josh Gordon to any team that actually has a good quarterback, with a good QB he would be a top 3 receiver in the NFL
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Richard Sherman to the Packers.
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**** tom brady, wentz will be way better in the upcoming years. bill belicheck how ever you spell his last name is the reason why the patriots are so good with tom brady because he worships the devil along side with nick saban
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Richard Sherman to the eagles
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Savitar wroteLol why Brady? Guy is old and not to mention Wentz is already out performing him.

Gimme OBJ to the Seahawks. RW + OBJ = god.

This 100%, or give me marcus peters for the other side of the field.
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Marshawn Lynch to the lions, Lions have deccent players that can make a team but with the mixture of no run game and coaching I think Marshawn Lynch would be a key role in bringing the lions to possibly their first Superbowl run.
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JJ Watt to the Chiefs.
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