MilestoneHit 500 Posts! Half way to 1K!Posted:

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Finally half way to 1K Posts!

Huge Shoutout to these guys:

and all those Shoutbox Peeps!

The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to CMY For This Useful Post:

Lug (01-13-2018), Xbox (01-12-2018), Lewy- (01-12-2018), DoK (01-12-2018), CFO (01-11-2018), Mikey (01-11-2018)
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Keep up the grind baby cakes, you will get there soon enough.

Love having you around the site, and in the shoutbox for a good old chat.

+200 for your milestone
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Congratulations on getting 500 posts, halfway there.
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Congrats dude Be there in no time! Love having you in the ShoutBox, such a great laugh <3
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Congrats next stop is 800 post
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Congrats buddy , I hope to see you at 5k too in less then a year ill race you to it!

Or 10k hmm..
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Congrats man, ill be there very soon
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Congrats on 500 see you at 1k!
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Congrats on half a thousand homie!
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