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I have done over 60 accounts and 0% of the accounts have received a ban.
Rep and Thx Appreciated!
Welcome to Samule's Account Service. I am current only doing WWII Duped Accounts, but as soon as they get patched I will change the post to a cheap pre-modded account service. I would like to thank Petite as I was unable to find a master prestige account. I am unable to do recoverys because I don't have a sticky post so I will be selling the accounts pre-modded. If you are purchasing an account to duplicate this for yourself to get the stats on your personal account, please check out the method that is highly recommended. Chat/Tyler Method

I am currently selling eitheir one of these accounts for $2.

Account Stats
Master Prestige: Level 112
Kills: 31133
Deaths: 21001
K/D : 1.48
Leaderboard: 3300
Primary Diamonds

Level 672
Kills: 44925
Deaths: 17412
K/D: 2.58
Leaderboard: 2500
Primary Diamonds
Secondary Diamonds
Chrome Camo

You can contact me by using the sites Personal Message System:
Gold Members: Feel free just to add me and message me!

These are times off a central time zone.
Monday: 3:45 pm - 12 a.m (midnight)
Tuesday: 3:45 pm - 12 a.m (midnight)
Wednesday: 3:45 pm - 12 a.m (midnight)
Thursday: 3:45 pm - 12 a.m (midnight)
Friday: 3:45 pm - 1 a.m (midnight)
Satuday: 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Sunday: 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Please admins let me know if something is wrong with the proof.
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great guy legit and easy !!
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glws bro you got some very cheap prices.
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Cheap and great guy, really fast to reply thank you
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Thank you for actually reading the rules!
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Good luck with sales, hopefully you can keep up with all the purchases Thanks for adding me and Tyler to Credits <3

I'll throw my Vouch <3
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jordangjgorjorjbbb wrotei have 3 level 1k accounts almost chrome and prestige master 69 message me on xbox EZ4Q for payment methods hurry

Stop trying to scam people. Especially on another person's post when they are selling
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id like to buy
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Bump: Buy accounts while you can because dupe accounts ending soon!
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nice shop glws got two accs
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