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Prices vary from piece to piece, and therefore a generalized list of prices cannot be provided. If you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me via Private Messages.
My portfolio can be found via my website: Axios Arts

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I'd recommend Axios without a heartbeat, not only his is artwork really good, but he's got great customer service, he takes the time to sit down with you and work on a design until you're happy, as from my experience with him, it's great work and very well recommended

not forget, he's super friendly.
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This guy has the badge for a reason and I love seeing his work.

He gets better with each piece.

Buy with confidence. Axios has my vouch.
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Axios did some of the TTG banners that will show up in ad slots from time to time he's a very talented designer if you look at some of the more detailed work he's done you will be impressed.

well recommended
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Impressive work. Will come to you for future requests and I'll recommend for you!
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Clean work you got here bud!

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Great shop you have there! Also very nice website, it's very professional looking
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Honestly guys... HE IS THE MAN! Great graphics seriously and a humble person
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Awesome shop man, would love for you to do me a banging thread design for my gta mod shop im opening on Friday?
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Wanting to buy pm me
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