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Subject says it all. As i'm currently on the grind for 1k gifts (928 starting this topic) , this is an easier way for me to gain quicker as the other topic is rather dead. I've not done a give away for a long time. Gold users know which topic

This topic could go on for the next couple of weeks as my aim is 1k before my unborn arrives due date Feb 19th. Pay day's are Thursdays, so they are the main days of gifting for me. Each Thursday i will gift 10+ only 1 entry per user!

To enter post i want names of GREAT TTG users and a reason on why you've chosen that person (excluding myself)

I am 100% stopping at 1,000! until then....GET POSTING!

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he wantss the anime sectionGONE
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I have literally just bought gold aha bad timing anyway good luck on 1k dude
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This user deserves gold, Hyde is a good friend of mine, and was always active in the Shoutbox. Hyde

If not Jay just gift me 60 times

But seriously Jay thanks so much for all the gifting you have done in the past few years, i know your gonna get 1k soon, and that in my opinion will be the biggest Milestone on TheTechGame.

Congratulations to you and your missus man, i know your gonna be busy, with you little one when they arrive but just make sure you pop in the Shoutbox every once in a while to say hi

+200 for being No 1 top gifter

But if you are stopping at 1k, you wont be top gifter for long as this month im going for 1001 gifts
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YOU! Your a great member on TTG, you're well known and I don't think there's one person that doesn't like you lol, I know you said "Excluding Myself" but it's true!
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Rarely you see 1st and 2nd win, so on that note

Jay gave -Myth_ the Gift of Gold. < 1 minute
Jay gave Elijah_Likes_MIOTA the Gift of Gold. < 1 minute


Edit: Also Hyde, he's my buddy too!
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Ill enter thanks for gifting people mate!!!!
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He is a thumb
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Entering this thanks
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Grandma. I have always loved her an missed her once she left.
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