MilestoneOfficially got my first fishing sponsor!Posted:

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Well I've been fishing tournaments around me for quite some time, and I've won my fair share of them. I had one about a week ago, and someone approached me, congratulating me and said he was from Nichols Lures, a lure company based out of Georgia (my home state) and we talked about the potential for me to be a partner with them, and said he will throw it by someone at the company, and low and behold right after I got home today I got a call saying they would love to sponsor me. I'm going to the company tomorrow for a meeting and I couldn't be more excited!

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Way to go brother , keep calm an fish on
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Damn thats awesome. Hopefully it will cover some expensive now.
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Nice, congrats. My dad use to have a sponsor, I'll try find out who it was. But he use to go over to France for a big competition with about 10 other people and did it for England, was quite cool. If only I was old enough at the time to go with him!

I use to fish when I was younger, but I had a pole rod. Remember the day we went and got them, use to always go carp fishing. I won a competition too and won a load of bait
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Well done man! Hope it all goes well for you, I'm sure it will
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That's great man! Congrats!
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That's awesome! Hope you win some tournaments with them as a sponsor and maybe you can work your way up.
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Congratulations man
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Congratulations to you mate, that's quite the milestone.
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Fishing sponsors? Thats crazy dude! Congrats bud.
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