Magnitude 7.6 quake strikes in the Caribbean SeaPosted:

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A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck in the Caribbean Sea between the coast of Honduras and the Cayman Islands on Tuesday night. There were no early reports of damage on land. Tsunami warning centers said no tsunami waves had been confirmed but emphasized that people in Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands and the coast of Central America should be alert to the danger of a possible tsunami.

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Glad to see this happen in the sea and not on land.

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My parents have been on a cruise around the Carribbean! They've just come home today, scary man!
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7.6 is pretty decent for a earthquake. Hope everyone is safe.
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I find Tsunamis really fascinating, hasn't really been one for a long time either. I doubt one will happen though
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I live in Puerto Rico and a tsunami warning was issued and the whole island was pretty much terrified but there was really no movement, no evacuations from the locations close to the ocean. Gladly, nothing happened and we all remained safe. It was a scary moment, though.
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Xe wroteI find Tsunamis really fascinating, hasn't really been one for a long time either. I doubt one will happen though

I love watching them form, through a video of course.

Glad the east coast very rarely feels earthquakes. That size earthquake is massive.
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Tsunamis are really cool as long as nobody gets hurt
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