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I updated my pc so I could get the security fix for intel. After the update my pc has been saying Asusgpufanserviceex.exe has stopped working and my fans on my 1080 strix aren't spinning up when I play games so I'm not using the pc atm I don't wanna ruin my gpu please help
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Maybe the update caused it?
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Widespread issue for people with Asus Pascal cards after the Windows update. Going to need to wait for a fix from Asus probably. I'd delete any Asis software you've got like AI Suite or GPUTweak, then use MSI Afterburner or EVGA PrecisionX or something to set a fan curve. Set it to 100% all the time first to make sure the fans spin up, then set your curve however you like. If that doesn't work, I'd clear CMOS just in case that does anything. Or, you could potentially roll back to an earlier version of Windows where your fans worked, at least for now. Otherwise, don't put your GPU under load until Asus fix this lol.

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