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Hit master today! Got chrome yesterday Opened 10 Rare supply drops today that i saved up from today's contracts and got nothing ... had two to open before i went off and got nothing in one but then got the snake II in the second one happy days

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Congrats man! Not meany people make it to master legit
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CHEAT!!! Haha, jk.

Good job man!
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Congrats I'm 2 prestiges away, but I've not played in like a month I was prestiging twice a day when I was playing, would have been 1k by now probably ah well, congrats keep on grinding my friend
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Congrats man! I'm only 3rd prestige aha I don't play often anymore sadly. Glad to see you still went Legit even with all this dupe stuff out!
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I've just hit master aswell.. but i used like 20 hours of double xp
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Thanks for the positive words <3
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