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So basically I'm waiting for my POS Xbox One to get back from Microsoft repair (2nd time!!), so I decided to hop on the 360 and play some MW2 S&D, and whilst I was waiting to spawn I came across this 'Team Coxy' guy and it said he was playing MW2 on the Xbox One!?

If this means MW2 is coming to BC I will legit no life it for the next month, be 2009 all over again

Tried to send a message to ask but it keeps giving me an error

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Well I haven't seen anything, so doubt it. Although if you check bo2 in the Xbox store on the 1 it shows mw2 gameplay which looks like it's Xbox one.

Most people want that game on Xbox one so if they released it there would be adverts everywhere and we'd all know.

I don't think it is on bc

Edit: His motto shows research team, hmm. Maybe they are starting to look at mw2 maybe being in xb1. That does look legit, but that game is riddled with modders

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Dude I've seen this guy before on ground war but thought it was just a glitch or something with my xbox
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It be simply be him on two xbox's and it's giving a weird error, but again you can't be on two accounts at once ( I mean two consoles ) so this is weird..
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it happens when you have the xbox app on your PC, if you have it in your background while you play another game on your profile it says what game your on at the moment but still says xbox one, i have a lot of friends who play rust and league of legends and the pop up on my friends list playing it.

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Anyone know what his motto means?
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EH doubt hes on Xbox one ;P
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No its not on Xbox One.
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lol he was in my game before
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I just checked his profile again and it shows him on MW2 Domination and still says Xbox One?
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