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So after the frenzy that occurred yesterday where I managed to get my bank account frozen after gifting 35 times in around 20 mins and then later another 20 gifts when it became unfrozen, I finally reached gold gifter+ . woop woop.

Also managed to get rid of that very expensive hyphen in my username

I just wanna thank all the people who were kind enough to let me gift them :kappa:
Seriously though, if you've got some spare cash you don't mind spending on gold I would suggest doing so with the recent financial issues ttg is facing - it would help out massively and also this is one of the big reasons I decided to push for GG+ and will push for Ultra Gifter in the future.

EDIT: oh and 600 rep woop.

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Congrats man
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Congrats on 100 gifts of gold and the 600 rep.
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Congrats man. Thanks for gifting so many people!!
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Congratulations, also thanks for the gift yesterday!
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Congrats bro
Thanks for the gift.
I appreciate it
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Those are both great achievements, congrats
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Your now an OG Gifter mate, was lovely to see your giveaway last night, and would like to thank you for my gifts of gold.

See you at Ultra Gifter someday maybe.

Such a nice thing to give so much back to the community like this, and help out other members with gold, and of course this helps support the site financially.

+600 for your big milestone bro.
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100 gifts. OH EM GEE you must be loaded!!!
XD RawR xox

Gratz on the + mate. 100 isn't a cheap milestone.
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