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I'm not sure what the best is to buy so I was curious as to what everyone preferred and why??

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If your going with a phat, a jasper would be the choice.

If your going with a slim, a trinity is usually best to go with however trinity and coronas are equivalent in reliability
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They all so the same thing, only one I wouldn't buy is a Xenon. I've always had a falcon, never had an issue. Idk why people spend like $150+ when you can get a cheap one that does the same thing and has no problem
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Jasper Phat consoles

Slims better off getting a corona due to they are newer the older Trinity's are good also.just they have some dvd drive issues with the slims

Shawnunder7 Monoxide and myself are probably the only sellers who carry the correct tools for adding new drives to the consoles Where the factory firmware is added to new drive so there aren't any issues.
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I mean im not expert but Jaspers ive heard are the best, ive only ever had 2 RGH consoles before and both been Jaspers, and have had no problems with them at all.

They are also the cheapest I believe.
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