WWIIJust hit Master, Legit.Posted:

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It was a grind but after the game being out 2 months I've done it, mostly playing solo too

Rank 3.5k for Career leaderboards
Played 7Days
330 SPM
17k Kills ( Mostly play war )
1k wins
Rank 15 in social

Not sure if I wanna keep at it and go for 1000 or see how far i can get. Got to 360 in Bo3

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Congrats! big accomplishment
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Heyy that's pretttyyy gooood. Better than duping like everyone else, I respect your choice of playing legit.
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Good job, Had the game since it came out and im only 2nd LOL
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Nice man!! I hit master before all this duping non sense even popped up.
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Congratulations bro
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Good job mate that's a road I gave up on but hey should hit 1k
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Congrats my dude, I know you started playing after me, but you caught up very fast, I'd probably be up there with you but I stopped playing, regardless, Congrats keep it up
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Congrats man I quit going for it after like 3rd prestige just got bored of the game.
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Congrats hmu if you ever wanna play war!
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