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If anyone could help i would love it.
I have managed to sign a qb who has turned out to be a absoulute beast from draft picks. Im 3 seasons in and i have won 2 super bowls with him and now he is 95 rated. His salary cap is 1.5m but his contract is running out next season and it says a fair offer is 165 million or something basically i couldnt afford him and like i say he has 2 seasons left at the club
im from uk and this is the first franchise i have ever played.
Ive been watching NFL online and stuff to try to understand the basics.
BTW I KNOW YOU CAN EDIT PLAYERS but i dont want to do that.
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So what exactly do you need help with? If he takes up too much cap space then just try to find a better QB via the draft or release some players and draft, because that's how the NFL works aswell. You find talent in the draft, but eventually when they need to get paid they're going to ruin cap space. Look for replacements.
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