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I've been keeping an eye on the Switch since release as I was a PSP lover but I am so torn about investing £300 into the switch (and more for games).

My situation is that I currently play Xbox with 50+ games but i'd love the portability of the Switch as I am hardly in my own home anymore. However, I seem to be excited to play games i've already overplayed in Xbox... e.g. Skyrim, FIFA 18, Rocket League, Minecraft. Will I still get the enjoyment from the Switch replaying these games?

Preferably being answered by a PS4/Xbox user who has bought a Switch, what are the pros and cons of the Switch? Is it worth buying it now or should I wait for a price drop?

Also, what are the graphics like docked and undocked? 60fps? 720/1080p?
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The Pros, it looks good, feels good, charges up fairly quickly, and decent games being released frequently.

The Cons, its so damn expensive.

But im still looking into picking one up at some point, im not to sure what the graphics would be like but ive heard its quite impressive as far as a hand held console goes.
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I would agree with the console the switch it's really is expensive. But I've played games on the switch and it feels amazing playing it, the games are fun and the graphics are great for the most part. I mean it's Nintendo and it's great that Nintendo made their graphics better cause the original Wii was like PS2 graphics lol but Wii U was alright with the graphics but it was a lot better than the original Wii!
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