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hey I'm 17 and I'm bout to buy my first car I saved up money for and I'm still deciding what car I should get I was thinking about getting an AWD sedan. I was gonna get a 2008 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD or should I buy a 2005 BMW 325i or a 2006 Audi A4? Appreciate your time reading this thank you!
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I would go with the Audi, I have a 2004 BMW 325i and they cost alot of money to fix up.
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Audi A4 would be the car i go for, but as your only 17 years old maybe start with something small, like the insurance will be expensive on an Audi A4.
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Mikey wroteAudi A4 would be the car i go for, but as your only 17 years old maybe start with something small, like the insurance will be expensive on an Audi A4.

For your first car just get a little runner nothing special, just something to run get you from A to B until you are more used to driving.
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Insurance, repairs, maintenance, etc. will be expensive on BMW's and Audi's. You might be able to cover the initial cost of the car, but can you afford to fix it?
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go with a beater for a first car, preferably a stick

Youll have a hell of a lot more fun bro
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For a first car, I would not get something German, coming from a German car owner, they're expensive as hell to fix and insure.

As AWD is a must now a days with the crazy weather, I'd look at the Volvo.
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I would go with "2006 Audi A4". It looks a lot nicer in my opinion.
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You shouldnt have too much to worry about with an A4, although I'd recommend an A3 as they are cheaper to fix, purchase and looks alot nicer!
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bmw cost alot to repair. u pay for the name lol
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