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Hi guys, i got an xbox0 (dash 5960 kern 5801) for my birthday and was gonne softmod it with splintercel and sid5.1. The first snag i hit was that non of my usb drives where accepted so i tried micro sd witch work but.. after injecting the necessary files with xplorer360 (tried in win10,7 and xp) there are no files to be found by either xbox nor a different pc... so i decided to go with ndure install and preform a hotswap.. so prepped pc and xbox, compiled and build the iso with ndure3.1 and xboxhdm1.9, left power connector from xbox in xbox hdd, booted xbox and played 10minutes of sc to make sure its unlocked, booted pc and did the hotswap but every time after i choose the 1ste or 2end option it goes in to kernel panic... it's driving me nuts i cant preform a simple softmod on this thing reading the eeprom and dumping to pc isn't an option due to lack of necessary cables (and skills prob...) so i need to know a way around the kernel panic, or even better a way i can get my xbox to recognise the files on the sd.
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not sure your doing this correctly

most softmods can be done with tom clancys splinter cell adding a larger hard drive you need a hard drive that is lockable for those consoles

then you would burn the disk for sid5.1

as for dumping the eeprom you can make a tool to get the key or you can use another softmodded console to get the key from another hard drive or console
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