SellingHow much do you think I could sell my PC for?Posted:

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I dont have a ton of specifics but,

roughly 5 years old, and the only thing i've upgraded is the GPU.

i5- 3570k, overclocked 10%
Sapphire radeon HD 7970, also overclocked
8gb of ddr3 ram
gigabyte motherboard, dont know the model
Cooler Master HAF 912
fans, NOT water cooled.
750 watt PSU( i think )

i think thats all the important stuff, anything im forgetting let me know and ill try to find it!
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Maybe siome pics and more info on specs would help
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I wouldn't go asking for really any more than $400 US. CPU can be found in sub $70, GPU can be found for around $120 or lower. Everything else is likely within the low price range as well.
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CPU/Mobo/RAM = $/£150-160
GPU = $/£100 maximum. GTX 970s go for $/£130-140, so no way you'll get $120 for an HD7970. GTX 960s go for $/£80-100, and those are better than an HD7970, so no way you get more than $/£100 for that.

The rest of the system, depending on the quality of the PSU and fans, probably worth $/£75-100. More if you have an SSD. For the whole thing, depending on where/who you sell it to, you could probably manage to get $/£375-400 for it, maybe a little more. Closer to $/£300-350 if you sell to someone who knows what they're looking at.
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